Monday, June 30, 2014

Kendall 8 Month Update

I can finally roll like a champ! I roll all over the floor and into things. Mom has to be careful now where she puts me. Yesterday in the garage she put me in my stroller while she was helping my brothers and I rolled right out and landed on my head. She felt SO BAD! I can sit unassisted for 18 seconds. Carson likes to time me and has me “practice” with him every day.

I love to eat real food. Baby food is losing its appeal. I’ve eaten little puffs, boiled egg, shredded cheese, noodles, various fruits and veggies softened and cut up, and even chicken! My favorite though is freeze dried yogurt bites. I am getting better at swallowing without gagging and picking up and putting the food into my mouth.

I am finally starting to nap twice a day. I love to sleep. At night when I get fussy Mom or Dad lay me in my bed and I get a big smile on my face. I love to have my blanket on me and snuggle in it. Sometimes it takes me a while to fall asleep, but I love my alone time. I lay and talk to myself and don’t fuss at all. In the mornings I like to lay and talk to myself for at least a half hour before Mom comes in and gets me. My brothers LOVE to come and get me when I wake up. They get in my bed and kiss me and make me laugh. 

I am still waking up at night, usually once. Mom doesn’t want to make me cry so she comes in. We’ll see how much longer that lasts… Still no stranger anxiety. I’ll go to anyone and everyone. I’ve been fussy the last two weeks. Mom thinks my bottom teeth are coming in for sure. My brothers got their teeth around this time and I am so drooley. 

The brothers (jammies and all) wanted to join in on a few of the pictures:

Being a Three-Year-Old Terror is Exhasting at Times

Friday, June 6, 2014

Beginning and End of Transitional Kindergarten

First day of school:

Last day of school:
(He was cold if you can't tell)
Carson had a really good year. I had the hardest time deciding if we should put him in TK and I'm so glad we did. Last year he was in a special speech delay preschool with 9 students and 3 teachers. I loved it. The teachers were wonderful and genuinely loved Carson. I hated taking him out of that environment and putting him in a general ed class with 34 students and ONE teacher. In the end we knew it would be beneficial for him to be in a class with non-speech-delayed-peers as well as a class more academically focused.

I was a hard transition the first month or so, but once Carson (and I) got used to the way things were everything was fine. I am blown away at how much he has learned this year. I love this age and the thirst for knowledge. It's too bad high schoolers aren't as excited to learn as 5-year-olds! I don't think I knew all he does until I was at least a 1st grader. Things are so different now. It seems like a kid basically has to be reading before even entering kindergarten.

I am so glad California moved the kindergarten cut-off date from December to September. There was no way Carson would have been ready last year. I have no worries for this coming school year. He is ready and is going to rock it! He will continue his speech and occupational services into kindergarten. He doesn't really need OT anymore. I just wanted to keep it one more year to give him a little added support. We are both so proud of our Carson and the sweet and funny boy that he is!

The Oakbrook Elementary School Transitional Kindergarten Class
(Sept 2 - Dec 2 birthdays)

Carson and his teacher Mrs. DeMorales

Family Pictures

We have next to no pictures of the new and improved Bonner family. My Dad took a couple for us. They aren't great, but at least we have them!

Potty Training Take Two

·         May 29th--I need some advice. Luke is almost 3 1/2 and really has no interest. I've signed him up for school this summer and he has to be potty trained. I've got a few weeks. Today I've done the whole naked from the waist down (refuses to put on underwear), haven't left the house, set the timer for every 30 min, etc. For the most part he's gone willingly to try on the potty, but has never gone. Today from 6:30am-5:30pm (when we had to leave for Carson's swim lesson) he had go zero times in the toilet and seven times on the floor. You can't bribe this kid. He doesn't care about treats or anything. Should I just keep doing what I am doing and hope one of his peeing times coincides with when he is on the toilet and he'll make the connection?? I hate potty training. I hope Kendall is easier. Advice, tips please!
·         May 30th--For any who are wondering potty training day #2 was a disaster as well. I wasn't sure on day one if he got it at all and learned on day two that he does. He repeatedly peed on the floor right after sitting on the potty including all over my legs, a chair, and perfectly into the hungry hungry hippo game. Once while distracted with the laptop he started to pee in the toilet, then realized what he did and stopped mid-stream screaming and crying because he didn't want to. He proceeded to get up and pee in the closet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Have you ever heard of such a stubborn kid? We should have known it would be like this. Luke does not like to be forced into ANYTHING. Example: kicking him out of his crib into a big boy bed. It was 4 months of screaming, waking throughout the night and always a 4-5am wake-up call. We finally bought a second crib and things are better. 4 months people, and all this going on with a newborn. I am not one to back down and neither is he. I fear that this is going to be a long 50-60 years of life...

Good thing he is cute

A Visit to Dana Point

We hadn't been down to my parents as a family since November so we decided to visit over Memorial Day weekend. We irratic 3-year-old sleeping and a new baby going out of town was the last thing we wanted to do for a while. Things are much better now and the kids had Friday and Monday off so it was perfect. It was a great weekend. Steve and I got to get away a few times, without Kendall even! That hasn't happened yet mainly due to her not taking bottles.Carson had his first sleep over at his cousin's house. He had the time of his life.
The ocean water was unseasonably warm for May due to a heat wave the week before. It was perfection. Carson tried his had a boogie boarding and loved it. He caught on pretty quickly. He amazes me that after being washing machined he'll get right back out there. He gets that fearless determination from his Dad for sure. Luke was also a wild man in the waves with little fear. He loved playing chase. With a little baby its so ideal that they live so close to the beach. We were able to sneak down during Kendall's naps a few times as well as take her for quick trips.

The boys went on a fishing boat ride with Steve, my Dad and my uncle Tom who was also visiting. Carson has been DYING for his first fishing trip. He said it was kind of fun and kind of boring. Neither Steve or my Dad enjoy fishing so there was a lot of boat driving and not much fishing. No fish were caught either. Hopefully this has changed his mind on the whole fishing thing. He will get to do a little of that next month at Twin Lakes though.

We had a Memorial Day BBQ at my cousin Andrea's house. It's always fun when her family is visiting from Arizona when we are there.

The best part? Little traffic on the way down and back! We left Monday around 6:30 and got home by 1:00, a record. The boys slept the whole way. Kendall would wake up every few hours, play with her toys for a few minutes and fall back a sleep. They are are super star travelers!

Carson and Nora at church

Luke the Exhibitionist

Combining to of his passions, nudity and photography. Hopefully the two will never be combined in his latter-years.

Mom, take pictures of me!

Fun in the Sun

New and improved slip n slide

First swimming of the season at the Gornings pool and Kendall's first time swimming. She loved it!