Monday, December 8, 2014

Oakland Temple Lights

We went to check out the Oakland Temple Christmas lights last night. The kids had a blast. They loved the visitors center much more than I thought they would. There was a special exhibit for the Temple's 50th anniversary. It was so fun seeing the pictures of the building site and dedication from the 60's because my Dad was there. I love visiting the Temple at Christmas not only because of the lights, but because of the focus on Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.

This might be our best family picture to date!

There was a video monitor behind me and the kids could see themselves and couldn't help but dance.

Again with the dancing...

Up on the garden roof

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Luke's 4th Birthday

Because of Luke's Christmas Eve birthday we planned a party a few weeks early. Luke wanted a party just like last year. McDonald's, Mickey Mouse, happy meals and a "balloon Costco cake". It was a difficult party to plan, but I managed to pull it off again! =)

He was so proud with his hat, balloon and blue ribbon pin. He was such a good sport during Carson's party and now it was his turn! He just beamed when we all sang to him. I love my little Lukey-boy and can't believe he's almost 4!
The birthday boy!!

Brooklyn and Jillian

This big boys minus Carson. Hunter, Jackson and Dane

I love his face in this picture

Kendall enjoyed Luke's cake better then her own birthday cake

This looks like a homecoming pose!

Weak attempt at a group picture