Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Luke Eleven-Month Update

I’m sure getting big! I can climb up the stairs now and I am very proud of myself. Now if I could only climb down I am getting much more confident in crawling and in pulling myself up onto things. Mom thinks it will still be a while before I start walking. I have discovered the toilet and love it when someone forgets to shut the door to the bathroom and I can stick my hands in the water. I love to play with the toilet paper too. It is so fun to un-roll and eat.

I’ve decided that I really love my Mom and Dad and am not very happy if they are not around. I’ll still go to anyone and am pretty friendly, but I want my Mom to still be in the room. I hate being left at Kids Club at the gym and get very upset. Mom and Dad can’t believe how much I can eat! We had pizza for Carson’s birthday and I ate an entire breadstick and a whole piece of pizza by myself. I not only eat a lot, but I’ll eat anything. Mom is so happy to have a kid that will eat anything.

I love to copy sounds I hear, especially high pitched, loud sounds. I am still a great sleeper, hooray. We flew and traveled a lot this month and I did very well. We drive to Grandma and Grandpa’s house frequently and I am a very good boy in the car (most of the time.) Mom is looking forward to my first birthday because she will be able to give me cow's milk. She is hoping I will drink it so she won't have to nurse forever. I don't know what the big deal is...I am just an easy going, content little boy and am excited to be one soon!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Port Arthur boardwalk
Steve had an opportunity to help with a massive start-up of a new refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. Once completed it will be the largest oil refinery in North America. Shell brought in employees from all over to help and he was one of them. The start up was supposed to be 6 weeks so the kids and I decided to come for the first two weeks to try to break up the time. The kids did really good on the flight. At the time Steve wasn't sure if he would be able to fly back with us for the weekend, but once we got here he found out he could, THANK GOODNESS! It would have been terrible to do by myself. Actually, they aren't quite ready for him yet so the great news is he gets to come back with us through the end of November. Then, fingers crossed, he'll be done in time for Christmas.

We had a one-bedroom apartment, which wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be, but boy am I grateful for my house now! We would drop Steve off at work so we could have the car and the kids and I explored. There isn't much to explore here...We went to a few parks, shopped a little, went to a few new resturants, nothing too exciting. The gulf coast is very interesting. Port Arthur is on the Louisiana boarder and everyone has thick accents. I stuck out like a sore thumb.  It is lush and there is a lot of water. It is humid though, and tons of mosquitoes. If you want to go outside you have to spray on bug spray. The people weren't as friendly as I thought they would be, which was very surprising. We could easily move here if we wanted, and I sure don't.

Carson's victory dance
Luke keeping score

 **THE DUCK PARK (as Carson named it)

We spent a weekend in Austin and met some of our dear Fairfield friends who had recently moved to Midland, Texas. I loved Austin! It was so lush and green with beautiful rivers. The city was very clean and welcoming. Plus there is amazing shopping there. Supposedly they have an amazing live music scene, which is right up my ally. I'd love to go back without kids sometime.
Xander, Zac, Carson (classic Carson picture), and Haven
I think Carson's favorite part of the weekend was riding in their big car!
Jennie and I
It was so wonderful to spend time with the Lovells. They are truly the nic est people I know. There kids LOVE Carson. You don't find big kids that are so willing and happy to play with little kids very often. Carson was in heaven being the center of attention. We went to the zoo, swam in the hotel pool, played at the park, ate out a lot. Nothing too exciting, it was just fun being together.


Jennie loving Luke
Carson LOVES his buddy Zac

**Playing at a Local Park
Filling up his shoes for the better good... (see below)

The better good being covering the slide with bark chips
In all I'm glad we decided to come with Steve, but I am so glad to be home. I missed the stability of our daily routine and my kids' behaviors and sleeping sure showed that too! Not knowing anyone here, and not having many people to talk to made me miss my friends. It was great going to Bunco last night and seeing everyone. Now all I am wishing for is that the kids will get off of Texas time and back to California time. Yesterday Carson woke up at 4:20 am and this morning it was 4:40...Needless to say Steve and I are exhausted!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Luke Ten-Month Update

 Standing at the top of the stairs. 
I am finally crawling! I love being able to get around. I am a pretty slow, cautious crawler though. I've also started pulling myself up on furniture and standing. I’m not sure how to get down once I’m standing and my legs start to shake and it scares me. I yell for Mom and she always comes to my rescue. My second tooth came in just a few days ago. I love eating big kid food and am excited to see what else I can eat with more teeth. I will drink water out of a sippy cup now. Mom has tried to have me drink milk a few times, but I don’t like itI love to go to the park and eat the bark. Now that I can crawl I am finding way more things to eat off the ground.

Mom’s only complaint is the hair pulling. I will pull and suck on Mom’s (and anyone else’s hair) any chance I get. Mom’s head hurts and her hair isn’t looking too great either, but I can’t help it. What can I say, I love hair. Hopefully I’ll grow out of it soon. I continue to be a great sleeper. Mom and Dad are very grateful for that. I have to get my two naps a day or I’m a very grumpy boy!  I’ve started taking showers and think they are really fun. Mom puts the plug in the tub and lets it fill up so I can play. I’m getting very gutsy in the water. I love to hear my own voice echo in the shower. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween part II

Ready, set, let's trick or treat!!

The night after Halloween we checked out all the pumpkins at Craig Gillespie's house. Every year dozens of people carve, carve, carve to put on this amazing display for us to enjoy.