Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Turning your blog into a book?

I promise there is a Christmas post coming, but I've got to get home first. Question to you all, has anyone turned their blog into a book? I want to do it and am wondering what company/website to use. Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks.

Monday, December 14, 2009

What happens when your kid bites into a glass ornament?

Well, I'm glad you asked. They go straight to the ER for an x-ray and 3 hours later they are released. The joys of motherhood. This morning I was a a friend's house and Carson was playing with one of those bulb ornaments that we thought was plastic. Well, it wasn't and he ended up with a mouth full of glass. I'm so glad there were 5 of us there to hold him down, open his mouth, sweep his mouth, spray water in his mouth... He was very upset over being held down and harassed by all these moms. Carson had a blast at the hospital until the x-ray. Steve and I had to pin him down in various positions. I don't think we've ever heard him scream that loud before. Anyway, they didn't see any glass so everything turned out fine.I think it's funny they put his hospital bracelet over his jammies on his ankle. I had to take a picture.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Pictures

Our friend Brent took family pictures for us a few weeks ago. Thanks Brent. I love how they turned out. If only Carson would have cooperated!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heaven help us all!

Carson's been taking a few steps here and there for the last few weeks. All the sudden it seems like something clicked and he realized that this walking thing might get him places quicker than crawling. There is no stopping him now... Wish me luck.P.S. the green balloon you might ask? He got it at Trader Joes earlier that day and insisted that it be tied to him all day long.

Monday, December 7, 2009

What would the world be like without David Archuleta?

My Aunt Jamie LOVES David Archuleta, and that is an understatement. This week she came to L.A. and took my Mom with her to his concert. It wasn't only his concert, but she got the special tickets where you have lunch beforehand with the diehard fans and you are able to meet him. Mom said that he was a very sweet guy and really enjoyed the concert. He really does have such an amazing voice. I had to post the picture. =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Writing papers and cutting vinyl

I am so glad this week is over! My final classes were yesterday. I had to finish my two applied field projects (12 pgs each) and my portfolio. Well, they are done and handed in and I am officially done with my post graduate classes to received my level II California Credential for special ed. What a great feeling. All I have to do now is a CPR course and get all my paperwork in. What a ridiculous amount of hoops they put us through. It's a wonder that anyone in this state are going into teaching anymore. It is done and that is all that matters! I guess I'm still shocked with how little I can get done now compared to life without a kid. When he is awake he has to be constantly entertained. When he is asleep I'm lucky if I can put make-up on and do the dishes. He is so much fun, though, it is totally worth it =) I was in charge (I actually volunteered, won't do that again) of a Super Saturday craft day at church a few weeks ago. It was a lot of work, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. The reason I volunteered was because we never do that sort of thing in our ward and I wanted to show everyone that it could be done and that it was fun. We did 6 crafts. Here are pictures of a few that we did. I found the nativity and countdown blocks online, but the frame was my creation. We just began decorating for Christmas today. Carson loves all the lights. Our tree isn't up yet. It will be funny to see what he thinks about that. This week is going to be another crazy one. I have a lot of vinyl I have to cut for various people for their Christmas projects. 80 separate vinyl sayings. Wish me luck!