Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christmas 2012 --Midway, Utah--

This year the Kelley family decided to rendezvous in Utah for Christmas. We came from Hawaii to Florida and everywhere in between! We had a great week at the Worldmark resort in Midway. Some of us were not used to the freezing weather, but it sure was beautiful regardless.

And we're off!

Sleigh ride at the Homestead.

Skiing at Sundance

Ollie's first time snowboarding. He's a natural!

Christmas Eve
Trying to get 9 grandkids under the age of 6 to act out the nativity...

Carson was pumped to be the donkey!

Santa made a grand apperance

Power Ranger stuff, how did he know?!

Riding the Heber Creeper

The two singles, living the exciting life!

Browers, minus Gage

The girlys have to stick together! Katherine and Amelie

Swimming at Worldmark

Steve always seems to end up the jungle gym for all the boys

Fun with family!
Grandma and Grandpa with all their grandkiddos. (Luke was not appreciating the tender moment.)
Grandpa Kelley came for a visit. It was wonderful to see this great man. 
Grandma having a snowball fight

Inside the crater at the Homestead

The grown-up boys jumping the fence to enjoy the hotpots. (Back when we were in college this hot pot was in a field and not fenced off. Resorts, yuck sometimes.)

Luke, Gage and Adam

Patrick proposing to Chelsea at the Homestead:

Patrick was a doll to propose to Chelsea while we were all there. He left a dress in the hotel for her and got Annie and Laura to take her to the bathroom and find it. So great.

Steve's Dad's side of the family is from Midway. This is his Grandma's home from the 1800's.

I love my family and I love Christmas. Mix the two together and it made one amazing week!