Monday, November 25, 2013

Kendall One-Month Update

I am such a good baby! Mom and Dad said they really lucked out with me because they didn’t have it in them to have a hard baby along with Carson and Luke. I have brought so much excitement and joy into our home. My big brothers LOVE me SO MUCH! They both are constantly asking to hold me and want to know where I am all the time. Luke can be a little rough with me sometimes. Mom has to watch pretty closely to keep me safe. Carson loves to hold me, kiss me, and talk to me. He is very sweet and protective. He likes to show me off to anyone and everyone.
I rarely cry and sleep fairly good at night. I frequently fall asleep during night time feedings and Mom has a hard time waking me up, but other than that no problems there. I am turning into a spit-up baby, like my brother Carson was. Mom and Dad are hoping that it will get better, not worse.
I am pretty as can be! Mom is enjoying putting headbands on me. She says it’s nice having another girl around the house. I love to be in the Ergo Carrier, snuggled next to whoever is carrying me. I’ve met my Grandma and Grandpa Kelley and my Grandma Bonner.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November (up to Thanksgiving)

"I want to hold baby Kendall" is a frequent phrase of both boys.

Carson's underpants under a Power Rangers mask, why not?

Dane Garcia's birthday party.

Carson's Christmas list. He mailed it to Santa the next day.

We hadn't blow-up the bounce house all summer so I decided to move the furniture and set it up for a few days in our front room.
Legos are a new thing in our home and I am already cursing them!

Sweet Lukey!

Dinner with old friends. (All the kids pictured but Luke and Kendall.) When we first moved here we were invited into a Sunday dinner group. All but us and one other family has moved away since then and we had a reunion this month. When we started there were 5 kids. Look at the hoard now!
Carson in his baking gear that Grandma Bonner sent.

Luke has insisting on wearing his helmet lately. Even to bed.
I love after the boys go to bed and i have time to snuggle and enjoy this little one!
Kendall and Carson before church.

Kendall in her first big girl outfit all ready for church.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Carson!

It wasn't the year for Carson to have a "friend party", but I thought with the new baby here it would be good for him to feel special and have a party with all his buddies. I kept it very simple though. We went to Jump Highway (trampoline park) and they had a lot of fun.

Jackson, Hunter, Dane, Kylie, Carl, Carson, Carter

Yearly Update:

My boy is five! I feel like I am officially old now because I have a five-year-old. Carson is a joy to parent. He keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure. He is non-stop talking and asking questions now-a-days. He is so curious and interested in the world around him. He is working hard in his transitional kindergarten class. He enjoys learning and growing. He can count to 14 and can identify about half the letters/sounds of those letters of the alphabet. He is continuing to improve on his speech. We can understand most of what he says and are SO PROUD OF HIM! His fine and gross motor skills are improving too. He holds his pencil correctly (left handed like his Mama I might add) and can write his own name. His teacher says he is a natural leader and all the other little boys want to play with him and try to impress him. He can be very silly during rug-time and has a “hard time sitting criss-cross apple sauce.” Not surprising…

Carson is the SWEETEST big brother to baby Kendall. He loves to hold her and keep her happy. He kisses her at least 50 times a day. =) He is a good helper with Kendall. Bringing Mom diapers and protecting her from Luke. Carson loves to play with his little brother too and is very patient while Luke is going through the terrible twos.

Right now he loves: Curious George, Ninjago, playing games on his Leapster and on Mom and Dad’s tablets, swimming, wrestling, playdates with friends, popcorn, fishing (which he’s never actually done), and going out of the boat.

How we love this boy and are so grateful he came to our family. His siblings couldn’t have asked for a better big brother and we couldn’t have asked for a better son. Happy birthday Carson, we love you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kendall 2 weeks old

My friend Susanne took these pictures of Kendall. I love how they turned out. Susanne, you rock!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Carson wanted to "dress Kendall silly" this morning and then insisted on taking pictures.