Thursday, July 9, 2015


Carson did little league for the first time this spring. It was a great experience. He worked hard and improved. He had a blast too.

Last game of the season

A proud boy getting game ball

Getting his trophy from coach Brian

First Boating Trip of the Season (March)

The weather was beautiful so the Addingtons and us decided to take our boat out. It took some charging to get the battery started after sitting all winter, but after that everything went smoothly. The water was a little chilly for the ladies and kids. The dads braved it though.

March trip to Dana Point

Reasons to go to Dana Point in March:

  1. Regan, Pete & Noelle were visiting
  2. Ollie was getting baptized
  3. Lego Land season passes
I mean, how could we not go?!

Strawberry pickin'

 Cousins and the beach

 Auntie Laura

 She's a grandpa's girl


 The worst car baby ever! She finally fell a sleep. It didn't last long, but at least it was something.

March 2015

 Guinea Pig play pin

 Eats his hot dogs like bananas. Insists on the bun, but won't eat it.

 Big girl!
 Lately I've been going in and checking on them before I go to bed and they've been a sleep on the floor. Funny boys.

 FHE at the park

 More floor sleeping

 I love how the blossoms look like snow in the spring when the wind blows.

 Our leprechaun trap this year. Luke was super into it!

The back fence finally came down. I don't know if the massive ivy was what was keeping it up, or if that was why it finally came down. The boys loved climbing on it during demo.

Poor sister got a fat lip tonight.

 Every night when I check in on her she is snuggling a toy

 Love when it's warm enough for the slip n slide. Great activity for playdates with Dane and Kylie