Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mother's Day

I felt loved for sure. Here are some pictures Steve took after church.

Steve hasn't quite mastered the selfie. It wasn't a cell though in his defense.

Carson asked me how much my favorite ice cream is earlier in the week. I told him around $4 and lo- and-behold I got a box with $4 in it for Mother's day.


 Carson the business man at our community garage sale. He made some major bucks!

Carson and Luke did a session of gymnastics. Luke was indifferent.

Muffins with Mom at Luke's preschool

A quick visit with Laurel. Love my Laurel time.

Carson's obsession with gardening continues this year.

Trip to Cabo (April)

Steve and I wanted to take a 10 year anniversary trip, but I was nursing Kendall. We turned it into an 11 year anniversary trip and had a blast. We drove down to my parents' house to drop off the kiddos and flew to Cabo where we stayed for 4 glorious nights! There is nothing as sweet as escaping the demands of parenthood and being able to enjoy time with your spouse. It was a perfect trip.



Bowling after the dentist. Even Kendall got a checkup and did great!

 Lukey earned his rainbow ant farm with is potty chart.

She saw them and had to have them. They have not traction and she slips all over the place, but all in the name of fashion, right?

First day of nursery, woohoo! I couldn't get a decent picture though.

First time in a big boy bed, finally. He couldn't resist the Mickey Mouse sheets.

Addington's splash pad

Luke's McFlurry...Hell to pay later...

Nicole's memorial Service

Old Armijo friends Anna and Emily