Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a Wonderful Sunday!

After a HORRIBLE Sunday last week (involving Carson and rascally/emotional nursery behavior) Steve decided he was done trying to keep him in nursery. It was too exhausting and chaotic. I was talking to my friend Anissa, who is also the primary president, about it all. She decided to go and observe nursery today and also keep an eye on Carson so Steve and I could actually attend classes. Carson loves Anissa  and feels very comfortable with her because he is always at their house playing.  I don’t think I’ve been to Sunday School in at least a year and a half! It was so great being without him for 2 hours. GLORIOUS! Anissa said he did pretty good. Cried a few times, but was happy when she was near.

Sidenote, if you think I am one of those Moms who refuses to let my kid “just cry it out” you are sorely mistaken. I love the just cry it out theory and live by it. The issue with nursery is there are too many kids, in a cramped space, without enough adults. It is not the environment to let him melt-down and sob for an hour… The other kids wouldn’t be able to handle it, nor could the leaders. Thanks Anissa! You are amazing. The next two weeks we don’t have church, and after that Anissa’s husband Brent said he’d go in with Carson. I’ll keep you all posted!
*Oh, I almost forgot. Carson made it through…wait for it… an entire sacrament meeting without having to go out in the hall! This hasn’t happened since he was able to crawl. Life is good.

(See new post under this one too)

Swimin' on a Saturday

Saturday was one of those abnormally hot late September days. 97 degrees I think. We spent the afternoon swimming with friends at their community pool. All summer I've been meaning to get Carson swimming on video and finally did it! That boy LOVES the water!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

You do the math

   Desire to take a bath 
Desire to take clothes off
Creative 1-year-old thinking 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wish of the Day...

I wish C would understand that it is not fun for a very pregnant-still recovering from a horrible back injury- Mommy to be constantly bending over and picking up all the stuff he drops/throws on the floor... Seriously all I do all day is bend over and pick stuff up!

I think tomorrow I just won't do it. Interesting...going through the whole day without picking anything up? I might try it out! I wish I could add picking up a 35 pound lug to that though! Good thing this pregnancy is almost over, oh wait-I have 16 weeks left... To look on the bright side though 16 remaining weeks of having an only child!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The reason I haven't gotten much done the last couple of weeks...

I blame it on the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. They rock. I totally recommend them. Warning: you are not going to want to do anything but read...

Toilet Paper Fashion Show

Last week for combined Young Womens we had a toilet paper fashion show. The girls got into groups of 3-4 with one girl being the model. The outfits turned out pretty cool, don't you think? The Young Men did a self defense/combat activity where one of the leaders ended up in the ER with two broken fingers. Who do you think had the better activity??

New and Improved!

Here is Carson's new, rebuilt train table. I think Carson, Steve and I could all stand on it and it wouldn't break. Way to go Steve!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Carson at 21 months

Carson has been so funny and has been learning so much the last month. I thought it would be a good time to write it all down before I forget most of it. ** Permission to skim or skip post if you are not a Grandparent**.

This is such a cool age! So many things are finally starting to “click” in his mind, it’s so fun to watch. Carson still isn’t a huge talker, but he understands so much! Like the other day I couldn’t find my phone so I asked him where it was. He took me by the fingers and led me right to it. (He had hidden it away in a place where I could have never found it). He is really good at pointing and repeating the names of various body parts (eyes, hair, mouth, ears, etc). He is starting to repeat words we say, but still only uses basic words without being prompted. When he wants to get out of the house and go somewhere, he’ll take you by the hand to the garage, open the car door, and climb into his car seat. Needless to say even if we don’t have anywhere to go we’ll go somewhere.

Carson continues to have little fear and is such a curious boy- a scary combination. His new thing is he is constantly climbing onto the bathroom counters. He loves to play in the sink and medicine cabinets, and loves to look at himself in the mirror. He’ll be in the middle of a bath and all the sudden I’ll turn to look at him and he’ll be up there, all soaped up, laughing at himself in the mirror. He also does this in the kitchen. He’ll take a chair and use it to climb onto the counters. He loves to go through all the cabinets. Our bottom cabinets are child locked, so I guess I’ll have to lock the top ones too.

He has discovered the joy of pens and markers. We all knew this day would come. I don’t think I need to go into much more detail about this one… One of the funniest things about Carson is his love for shoes. He ALWAYS likes to have shoes on and is very persistent that others do too. If we get home from something and I take my shoes off he will keep bringing me different shoes until I put them on. He loves to try on shoes at the store. I have to hide the shoes I don’t want him to wear like rain boots or he’ll freak out until he has them on. He is a T.V. kid, so we have to monitor that. His favorite is still probably the Wiggles, with Sesame Street a close second. He also likes Mickey Mouse Club House, Barney, and more recently Thomas the Tank Engine. We have a Wiggles CD that we listen to in the car and he gets so excited! He loves jumping around to their music.

Carson goes to his friend Derek’s house (Derek is 3) once a week and LOVES it there. Derek has 3 older brothers so there are lots of toys and fun things to do. Sometimes his brothers are there which is even better. He is such a cry baby when it comes to going to nursery or other places without Mom and Dad, but not the Olsen’s house. He never wants to leave. He loves Derek’s Mom too. He’ll see her at church and follow her around. It’s pretty funny. Second to the shoe fetish the other really funny thing about Carson is his love for minivans. I think it started because the Olsens have a minivan and he gets to ride in it sometimes. He loves minivans. If there are kids piling in or out of one he’ll run up to it and try to get in. At the park he has been able to climb into a stranger’s minivan and get in the back without the parent even noticing. This kid loves to play in cars and we do, frequently, for hours sometimes.

One frustrating thing is he is getting so aggressive. He tries to hug/tackle/pin down other kids a little smaller and a little bigger than him. I can tell that he isn’t doing it to be mean. I think he thinks that this is how we make friends, or that they are playing a game and the other kid is having fun too, which they usually are not. He is really big for his age too, which doesn’t help. I mean you should see this kid’s hands and feet! He’s got Samoan feet! So, we are working on being gentle right now. He loves little babies and thinks he is being gentle with them and he usually does a pretty good job. He thinks all babies should be held all the time and gets very angry at the grown-ups if a baby is upset and no one is doing anything.

There is a lot more I can add, but I should probably rap this one up at 863 words!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just one of those days...

{It's a good thing his is cute}
*So, it has been "just one of those days". Nursery was CRAZY. 20+ kids and the nursery leaders out of town... (Side note, Carson will still not do nursery by himself so I have to be in there 2nd hour and Steve 3rd hour). I feel like I should just be released as YW president and called into nursery for the amount of time and energy I spend in there.

*After church just when I start falling asleep Carson decides to wake-up early from his nap.

*He got into my craft paint and squirted some of the carpet upstairs. 20 minutes and a lot of scrubbing later it looks good as new luckily.

* Carson broke his train table. I'm not sure what he did. but the whole thing fell apart. poor craftsmanship I think. Currently there is a pile of wood and train tracks strewn across the living room. Steve is going to start building him a new one tomorrow. What a Dad!

*I ACCIDENTALLY gave the poor guy a bloody nose. Don't ask, I still feel really bad about it.

*For the past few days I've been painted vertical stripes on the wall of his soon to be big-boy-room. I had all the paint cans out of his reach (or so I thought). I guess as pay back for the bloody nose Carson somehow climbed up and got the can of red paint and threw it down the stairs. There was paint everywhere, on the walls, banister, carpeted stairs and the hardwood floor below. Not to mention all over him. This WAS NOT one of the situations where I ran to get my camera first because it was kind of cute. 2 hours and a lot of scrubbing/carpet steaming later there is only a pinkish hue now. I thought Steve was going to divorce me, but I wasn't chastised too much for having the paint at a Carson-reaching level. Thanks Steve.

*I am relieved to say that he is in bed, the house is quiet, baby #2 is happily kicking, and except for the dirty dishes in the sink- all is well here.

The sad thing is this day really isn't that out of the ordinary, except for the paint thing. Carson is really good at keeping us on our toes. (Just in case you all wanted a recap of my day).