Saturday, April 17, 2010

Angel Island

sMy sister Annie's husband Cody got into a law school in San Fransisco and they are thinking about moving here, which would be so great to have family near by. They came out last weekend to see the area and to introduce us to baby Gage. After a weekend of perfect weather, bright blue skies, and beautiful green hills they say they are 90% sure they are coming, whoo-hoo! They are thinking about the Concord area which is less then 20 minutes from us.  Since they drove all the way from Idaho my parents decided to come up for the weekend as well. It's been a while since we had visitors and we had a lot of fun! Carson loved the constant audience and the attention he got from everyone. These pictures are from our excursion to Angel Island located in the San Fransisco bay. It is such a beautiful place. It has been many things in the past, the Ellis Island of California, a military base, a quarantine. We took the ferry out of Tiburon and spent the afternoon touring buildings and some of us (not me-- had to stay with the babies) went on a two hour Segway tour. They said it was really fun to ride the Segways. Steve and I are planning on going back to do it. Thanks for the visit guys!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Saturday morning Shell had a breakfast and Easter egg hunt event for the employees to bring their families. Shell always has fun events like this, but because we didn't have kids Steve and I hadn't gone to many. We decided to take Carson to this one not knowing if he'd be old enough to care much, but I'm glad we did because he loved it! He was obsessed with the Easter bunny. He was so fascinated and kept going up to him. There was a period where all the kids waited in line to take pictures with him on the stage and Carson kept running up there. Once it was finally his turn he just sat very content and looked around at all of us (see video). Plus, just for sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap they gave him a $15 Target gift card. We need to have more kids! Carson didn't quite get the Easter egg hunt. They had one for kids 2 and under (even though I swear some parents snuck their 4-year-olds in). He found 2 eggs and was done, because he had an egg for each hand and didn't need anymore. I would have eaten all his candy anyway, so good thing I guess. He discovered jelly beans though and cannot get enough now- heaven help us. We came home, Carson took a 3 1/2 hour nap, then we went to Six Flags for the rest of the afternoon. Talk about a fun day for a 1-year-old!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Improvements to the family room

This has been a long time coming! Around Christmas we bought a new T.V. We upgraded to a plasma and Steve still comments how great the HD looks every time we watch it. We thought what's the point of getting a flat T.V. if you don't put it on the wall? So our friend Brandon (who is a contractor and a great one if you are in need) helped Steve run all the wires in the wall.

I've wanted wainscoting for a very long time and we finally did that too. I bought all the supplies with my Christmas money and Steve just finished all the installation. It wasn't as easy as we (or at least I) thought it would be, but he did a great job. Add a fresh coat of paint and a new book shelf to house all the T.V. components and you've got yourself a brand new family room!
Just for the fun of it I added a video of Carson. He was cracking me up yesterday while he was watching the Wiggles. He wants to be as close to the T.V. as he can, but then has to look so far up. Funny boy.