Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kendall 11 Month Update

I’ve grown so much this month! I have two bottom teeth and I am crawling too. I enjoy getting around and LOVE to climb onto things and stand up (holding onto something of course.) I am a ways from walking still. My two little teeth are so cute. My brothers love to show them to everyone. 

I’ve been crabbier than usual this month. Mom hopes it is due to my teething and not a new stage. Just in the past week I’ve started to cry when it is nap time. Mom definitely isn’t a fan of that one! Also recently I think that I only need one nap. Ugh. 

I am a little chatter box. I love to see all the sounds I can make. At Carson’s karate class when the kids make the “kia” sound I like to make it too. I watched Elmo and think he is so funny! I think it’s safe to say I will never hit the stranger anxiety stage. I will go to anyone and am happy about it. 

I love to have my picture taken. Whenever Mom takes out her camera I hold still, look at the camera and smile. Mom loves having a photogenic little lady.My hair is flipping out in the back. It's so cute. Mom wonders if it will be curly. It will be so fun once it's finally long enough for clips and pig tails. That might be a while though...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lego Land

As stated in the potty post Luke earned his trip to Lego Land. My Dad offered to go with Steve, so Kendall and I stayed behind this time. Amusement parks are so much more pleasant without babies. Gage went along too. Annie told Gage that morning that Uncle Steve was going to take him to Lego Land. For the next few hours Gage wouldn't let Steve out of his sight. That boy wasn't going to be left behind! Steve said the boys loved it. Apparently Luke would burst into the "Everything is Awesome" Lego song throughout the day.

Now with the season passes we are excited to go back. Next time we want to try out the water park!

Dana Point

We went to my parents' house a few weeks ago for Annie and Cody's baby's blessing and Lego Land. It was a great trip. 5 out of the 7 siblings were there, it was a little too far for the Floridians. we stayed at Becky and Ryan's and It worked out surprisingly well.

Capo Beach:

Lots of matchy-matchy this trip

Becky and I bought the same shirt without knowing it

These two. We both shop at Target a little too much.

Even Grandma and Kendall matched one night!
Sunday Picnic Dinner:

Nora, Adylen and Kendall
Andrea and Annie's new baby girls


Becks with the littles

Golf Cart to the pool

Dinner at Ruby's like always. A balloon animal maker guy was there this time. Extra fun!

Carson and the latest cousin Adelyn

Cousin sleepovers are the best!
 A morning at Crescent before we flew home. Crescent has to be the most beautiful California beach for sure. My cousin Carolyn met us there with her three darling kids. Everyone says her oldest Carter (7) and Carson could be twins. I have to admit I got them confused from behind more then once.

Potty Training Take 3

Potty training has been a nightmare with Luke. For a reminder of potty training take 2  Click here. The other day we were watching the Lego Movie and there is a big ad for Lego Land at the beginning. Luke said he wanted to go to Lego Land. I told him if he starts going pee pee in the potty we'll go. He proceeded to take off his pants and diaper and sit on his little potty. That night he sat there for 2 hours and nothing came out. He cried him self to sleep because "pee pee wouldn't come out". The next morning we kept him naked from the waist down and he went potty several times in the potty! After the first time he started for the car ready to go to Lego Land. I made him a chart and told him every time he went he would get a sticker and when the chart was full we'd go.

We were already planning on going to my parents' house in ten days (they are 1/2 hour from Lego Land) so it was perfect timing. Over the next week he did great. Hardly any accidents at all! Mind you, this was at home naked. He filled up his chart and got to fulfill his little dream. He LOVED it. Throughout the day he would break into song, "Everything is awesome", the Lego Movie song. We got season passes, so we will be returning.

Fast forward a few weeks. He is now fully potty trained AT HOME, naked from the waist down, in the little potty. We have just started the transition from naked to underwear. Once we master that we'll try potty outside the home. It is slow going, but its going. Halleluiah.

This kid.

First Chalk Paint Project

I have been itching for a re-finishing project and have heard so many great things about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so I had to try it out. Steve and I were upgrading to a king (finally) and I wanted to keep our queen for Kendall's room. It will be hers once she's out of her crib and will be used as the guest bed.

I found the bed frame on craigslist for $60 and this really cool, old dresser for $65. I used the chalk paint color French Linen and loved how they turned out. The paint was so easy to work with. It goes on really thick and covers well. I have befores of the bed, but not the dresser. The dresser was a medium-color wood. I sanded and stained the top, painted the body, and added the crystal hardware. I love how they both turned out. So darling. I'm jealous of her room now!

First day of Kindergarten and Speech/Preschool

Carson: Kindergarten Cordelia Hills Elementary School 2014-2015, Mrs. Baker

walking to school

Lining up with his class

Rug Time
 Luke's first day being picked up on the bus for his speech preschool. Laurel Creek Elementary School 2014-2015