Monday, October 27, 2014

Kendall's 12 Month Update

I’m a year old, holy moly! I don’t think any baby sister is as loved as I am by my brothers. Every morning they are so excited to see me and want me around constantly. Teething hasn’t seemed to bother me this month. I haven’t been grumpy. Mom is trying to wean me and I don’t like not being nursed to sleep! My hair is starting to curl at the ends. It's so cute. Mom loves that I don't take my headbands out. I don't mind hats on my head either. The proof is the picture above. =)

We’ve gone out on our boat a lot in the last two months. I am a very good baby on the boat. I love when it goes fast and having the wind in my hair. I don’t love my life jacket as much though. I said my first words on the boat. The boys were tubing and yelling “hit it” over and over to get Dad to go. I yelled “hit it” too. Everyone looked at each other wondering if that’s really what I said and so I said it again and again. Everyone got a big kick out of that. I’ve said a few other words like Mom and Dad, but still don’t use them on a regular basis. 
Since I’m not nursing as much I am eating a lot more food. My newest love is pizza. I can eat several pieces. At the trunk or treat someone gave me a wrapped candy bar. I sucked on it all night. Dad realized that I had bit a hole in it and had sucked all the chocolate right out! I am good at entertaining myself. Now that I crawl I like to explore the house and find things to get into. I’ve discovered the glory of the toilet and love to play in it. My new favorite is pulling all the books off the bookshelves. 

I love to give kisses, right on the lips, open mouthed. I love to be held close while someone whispers sweet things into my ear. I love to laugh and to make people laugh. The boys taught me to make monster/zombie noises and it makes everyone laugh. I like to make spitting noises too. My brothers and I make those noises back and forth and it’s good fun. I love to be tickled and to rough house. I fit right in!

My family is so happy that I joined our family one year ago. I bring so much joy, daily, to everyone around me!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kendall's Birthday!

I like to do a barbeque and invite a few families over for my kids' first birthdays. Kendall's party was a fun one. The boys were so excited to help decorate. Carson kept telling Kendall what a "big girl baby" she is now. She was very excited about the whole thing too. She loved looking at the decorations and all the chaos the kids brought to the night.

I bought the Chinese lanterns and made the pom poms.
I attempted a cake. I don't know much about cake decorating to say the least. I found a tutorial on pintrest and it turned out pretty cute.
The Callisters and Garcias joined us for the extravaganzas

Outrages October

She's discovered the stairs!
Craft and face painting at Michaels
She loves taking baths with her brothers. It can get a bit dangerous though. I have to stay near.
Trying to keep them entertained (and hopefully listening during conference.)
Classic and constant Carson photo bomb.
Kendall's first sucker. She LOVED it!
Luke's been using tools to unscrew things all over the house...
Because why not dance around without pants on the patio table with a sombrero?
Kendall sad as can be having to be woken up every preschool day because Mom has to go change Luke's poopy pants. Mom feels like crying too.
This girl loves her spaghetti.
She's not so thrilled to get it in her eyes and ears though.

Our little staycation. We got a hotel room near by. Swimming, pizza, movies, the boys loved it. Kendall and I slept at home. Luke tried to sleep there with Steve and Carson, but chickened out. I had to go pick him up.
The boy's weren't sharing the popcorn. Kendall had to take matters into her own chubby hands.
Door bell ditching Halloween cookies for FHE. The boys thought they were so sneaky...Luke, rocking fresh Mickey Mouse unders.
She's starting to look so grown-up
I couldn't resist
A big girl car seat. She loves being able to see what's going on
I hate to admit I loath carving pumpkins, especially with kids. Look at me, putting on a happy face and braving through it!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Carson Kindergarten Pictures

Fright Fest

October 1st we were excited to the opening day of Six Flags Fright Fest. Ty came with us. The boys loved all the spooky decorations and trick or treating. Once the son goes down hordes of young families leave and tons of teenagers come in. (Things get pretty scary at night!)

A little scary for Luke


Fall Boating

 We got the boat mid-August and were able to get on on the lake 6 times. Pretty good I'd say. We took a different family each trip and everyone has had a blast. Steve is in Heaven. He's been able to take up work friends and forgot how enjoyable boating is without kids! The boys love it and Kendall doesn't mind it too much. I am enjoying the sunshine, water and wake boarding. It's fun to wake board behind a boat that has wake meant for wake boarding. I am feeling a little more confident in the boat driving capabilities as well... Luke will not tube "too scary", but loves to swim in the water. Carson is a crazy man on the tube, loves to wake board with Steve and will knee board, but is still a little timid in that area. I haven't taken too many pictures on the boat, but here's a few.

Steve wake boarding with Jackson Rice
Luke playing on the tube while it is not being towed. This was a pretty big deal!

Kendall after she said her first word. The boys were yelling "hit it" over and over. Kendall joined in and said hit it a few times. It was awesome.