Friday, April 26, 2013

Miscellaneous Cell Pictures

I'm trying to organize all my cell pictures into folders on my computer. It is a hassle! Here are a few that I wanted to make sure got posted.
I love when they do stuff like this all on their own.

When we first started timeouts with Luke
A few months ago I was pre-heating the oven and started to smell a horrible smell. I found this, the kids' gummy vitamins. Awesome Luke, thanks. Honestly, it took at least a week for that smell to go away.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Loma Vista Farm

This month at Carson's preschool they've been focusing on the farm. I promised Carson we would go to a farm this week. Loma Vista Farm in just a few miles away in Vallejo and is run by volunteers and students. The boys had a lot of fun.

Latest trip to Gma and Gpa Kelley's

Last week the boys and I went to my parents for the week. Steve is in the middle of a turn-a-round at work (14 hr days/6 days a week) and we have had my Dad's car since Chelsea's wedding so it was time to go. The boys are so great in the car. We're lucky they are good travelers, especially when I'm driving by myself!

Becky's baby shower was they day after we got there. It was fun to share that with her.

The weather wasn't great, but we did have one day of "warm enough" weather for a beach afternoon at Aliso Creek.

A new trampoline park opened up not far from my parents house. We took Carson, Ollie and Ami while Luke was sleeping. Carson kept joining bigger kids dodge ball games. He still doesn't really understand the rules. The 12 and up kids thought it was funny the 6-8 year old kids did not...Ollie (6) was not amused by Carson's interpretation of the rules...

A visit with Grandpa is not complete without some pyrotechnics. =)

Kids looking at the camera at the same time. Always a miracle!

Becky and I spent a day at an beautiful day spa north of San Diego. We had both never been to a real spa. It was amazing. All we had scheduled was a massage, but we got there hours early to enjoy the amenities. We came right in and changed into robes. (I would love to wear a robe all day long, every day.) We spent time in the spa, had lunch, rested in the "nap room" (yes there was a nap room.) So great. Our massages were amazing of course. It wouldn't have been possible without my wonderful mother watching the kids all day. We meant to take more pictures, but we were too busy relaxing!

Next on the agenda...Getting up to Gma and Gpa Bonner's! It's been too long. I think we have a trip planned this summer. Steve says there is not point going to Richland unless it's the summer. Boating is in that man's blood.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


For some reason lately Carson has been obsessed with planting a garden. When he gets an idea it is exhasting because it is all he focuses on. We already had a lime tree, blueberry plant and strawberries but that would not cut it apparently. We added tomatoes, pumpkins and sunflowers to our flowerbed (the three that are not pictured) and I decided to plant the rest in a Rubbermaid container.

We have horrible soil (very clay-like) and things don't grow great in it. We've had the best luck in planters, so I tried this...

There are carrots, cantaloupe  watermelon  bell pepper and a zucchini  I know that is way too many plants for a small area, but it got him off my back for now. We had to do the carrots and watermelon from seeds so those will take a little longer. The first carrot sprouted today. =) I'll let you know how it goes.

Easter Sunday (better late than never)

Sorry, I really didn't get any great pictures, but I thought I better blog it. The boys woke up to fun-filled Easter baskets with a chocolate bunny, a toy and a few other goodies. I took the boys to Target earlier in the week to look at toys so mom could "text the Easter Bunny things that they liked." Carson got a Power Rangers gun and Luke got a toddler Transformer fire truck. After church (and a fantastic primary Easter lesson my yours truly and Carrie Rice) the boys came home to a downstairs filled with Easter eggs and had a great hunt. We even found a few more the next day. The holiday that never ends. It's fun to finally have a kid who is old enough to really get excited about things.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Photo Booth

My kids think photo booths are so cool, so today at the mall I finally caved and they got to try one out. It was really fun. They loved it! (Please excuse my sweaty-state. We had just left the gym.)