Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Apparently he wanted some cereal

Hoarder in Training

Carson has turned a bathroom drawer into his collection box apparently. What's in there you are wondering? Well, pinata candy from a party a month ago, dental floss things from the dentist, little toys,airplane peanuts, Valentines, you know the important things in life.

When I was a kid if I got candy I ate it, if I got a new thing to play with I played with it. Not Carson, he puts it in his drawer.

Any show on T.V. on hoarding makes me ill. Should I be worried experts???

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Washington with Grandma and Grandpa Bonner

0.We just got home from a week visiting Steve's parents in Washington. We were supposed to go up there for Christmas, but with Steve stuck in Texas during the holidays we decided to put off the trip until Presidents Day weekend. It was a good visit. Very low key which is nice sometimes. Steve's sister Janel and her two girls live there too, so it was fun to spend time with them.

The boys had a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa. They slept well and enjoyed themselves, EXCEPT for poor Luke during the first part of the trip. We left for the airport from our house around 4 to catch a 6pm flight. Luke had woken up from his afternoon nap at 1:15 (only 40 minute nap, yuck) screaming. Basically the screaming didn't stop until he finally conked out on the plane from shear exhastion. Sometime at the airport it dawned on me that he had to have had a ear infection. When we finally got to Steve's parents' house late that night and got the kids to bed Luke was awake crying more then he slept. The next morning we took him to Janel's brother-in-law who is a pediatric doctor. Sure enough he had an ear infection. He started feeling much better once we started pumping him with Tylenol, antibiotics, and when he was able to get plenty of sleep.

Here are some pictures from doing giant bubbles with Grandma:

Notice the jammies with swim shorts on top...What's your guess, my idea or his?

You're almost there, just  five more feet of air to pop it.

Pictures from playing on the swing in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard:

I'm bummed this turned out blurry, but just look at that mischievous face!

We drove to Portland Monday morning to spend some time with Steve's sister Gail her husband Kirt and their 8 kids. They recently moved into a new house with an amazing yard. I took pictures, but somehow deleted them from my camera, Carson had so much fun playing with his cousins and being part of the chaos known as the Heninger house. He especially loved playing with his 4-year-old cousin Daniel who originally said Carson wasn't his friend because he was only three, but after playing on the slide together Daniel decided Carson was. =) You could quickly tell the Heningers were true Oregonians because we took a walk to the park in the rain and no one batted an eye. The flight home was great much to our relief. 100x better than the fight there. It was a fun trip, but as always it's good to be home. Carson started saying "I want to go to my home towards the end and he was so happy to sleep in his bed last night. Me too!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bowling with the Plewes

We are so lucky that my best college girlfriend and her husband just moved to Sacramento. Now we can have date nights and meet in the middle!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I hate when my kids are bad sleepers!

We let Carson stay up 1 1/2 hrs later than usual on Sunday b/c we had so friends over for the Super Bowl. Low and behold he woke up at 5am the next morning. Last night he laid in bed for almost 2 hrs (calling for mom and dad on and off) before he finally fell asleep at 9pm. Of course he woke up at 5am again. So not only am I not getting much sleep, he is a grumpy, emotional boy all day. His naps are horrible too. It's my own fault. We shouldn't have let him stay up. That's what threw him off. He just isn't the kind of kid who can go off his sleeping schedule.

Luke is killing me too. He is in that horrible transition from two naps to one. I hate this time where two is too much and one isn't enough. It also doesn't help that I am trying to ween him too. Their naps haven't been overlapping lately either so that means no break for me. Yuck.

Luckily they are both down right now and hopefully they will both take great naps today. I deserve it. Maybe I'll go take a nap...

There's my complaining for the day. Thanks for listening.