Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Card & Update 2014

2014 has been a busy one, but aren’t they all?

We went to Disney World with the Kelley side of the family in February. That’s right, other side of the country, four days at amusement parks with a four month old…) Kendall was great and we had a great trip. As always great to spend time with family.

We went to Twin Lakes with the Bonners in July. The kids LOVED playing with cousins, swimming, tubing, knee boarding. I enjoyed wakeboarding after a few seasons off and Steve was, as always, in heaven skiing and wakeboarding on the lake.

Steve’s life became complete this summer when we became boat owners. He got his dream boat and we’ve made good use of it. We celebrated our tenth anniversary in June. I honestly can’t believe that it’s been ten years! We’ve got a fun trip in the works.

Carson turned six last month and is a giant kindergartener. Seriously, he is at least a head taller than all the other kids. He loves kindergarten and is doing so well! It’s amazing how much he is learning every day. His speech also continues to improve. He is in karate and it is hilarious to watch! His favorite activity is wake boarding with Steve behind the boat.

Luke will be four on Christmas Eve. He is in preschool and loves it. Like Carson his speech is improving with his therapy. It’s taken months and months but he is (almost) potty trained. He loves playdates, Mickey Mouse, popcorn, and snuggling. Luke can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. He keeps us on our toes...The closer he gets to four the more rational he is becoming. Fingers crossed!

Kendall is adored by all in the family, especially her brothers! They are so excited each morning to get her out of her crib and play with her. Carson worships the ground she crawls on. It is so cute to watch him with her. She is such an easy girl. She is happy and fun. Kendall  is 13 months now and is hardly standing and nowhere near close to walking. None of us mind. I am happy she’s taking her time.

Steve is going on ten years at Shell. He loves his work for the most part and is very happy at the Martinez refinery. As stated before Steve is a boat owner now and the lake is his happy place. =) He is ward clerk at church and says it’s the best calling.

I am working hard at maintaining my sanity on a daily basis. =)  Lately I’ve been trying to step back and enjoy all the little things and the craziness of young kids. We do have fun though! I still am primary president at church and enjoy working with and teaching the children.

We wish you all the joy that the Christmas season brings and a happy 2015!

Lots of Love,
The Bonner Family

November Happenings

Carson got a magic kit for his birthday. He was disappointed when he realized it wasn't really magic

A sad day. Kendall realized that she can take her headbands off. It was nice while it lasted.
She woke up from a nap with one arm out of her shirt.
Luke got his face painted and was very proud of his Mickey Mouse!

My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving. The kids had their undivided attention and were in Heaven. Here we are in Benicia.

Cookies and bedtime stories with Grandma. What could be better?

My parents watched the kids over night so Steve and I could have some kid-free time. We spent the night in Napa and couldn't believe how carefree we felt. It was amazing and we definitely need to do that more often!
She never falls asleep on me. I had to get a picture

Pigtails. I couldn't resist, even though she has no hair on top!
Park fun with our park buddies the Stagners and Rices.

Mini Golf

Just Mom and the boys.

Carson 6 year update

My guy is six! Carson is a joy to be around. His enthusiasm for life is contagious. He is a non-stop chatter box. He is full of questions and observations of life. Carson is a incredible big brother. I don't think there has ever been a boy who loves his baby sister like Carson loves Kendall. He always tells her how much he loves her and plays with her constantly. He does a good job taking care of both of his siblings.

Carson is a man of many talents. He is very creative and loves to do arts and crafts as well a building things. He enjoys Legos and is great at following directions and building sets. He loves to ride his scooter and bike. Carson loves our boat and tubing and wake boarding behind it. He loves playdates and having friends come over. He loves playing games on the Kindle and on his ipod.

Carson does not like watching the same thing twice. He loves Netflix because he can start a new show and not watch any re-runs. He is very considerate of other people's feelings, which makes him a great friend. He has a tender heart and is a deep thinker.

He is a good boy and tries his hardest to follow the rules and listen to his parents and teachers. He loves school and is doing very well academically and socially. Whenever I pick him up from school all the kids are talking to him and saying hi. His teacher says he is very friendly, includes others and likes to participate.

I love this boy more then life itself! I am so proud of him and of the kid he is turning out to be. Happy Birthday Carson!

Karate Promotion

Carson has been in karate for the last few months. He had his first belt advancement last week. It is pretty fun watching 4-6 year olds do karate.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Carson!!

Carson celebrated his 6th birthday Power Ranger style this year! He had a few of his best buddies over for hot dogs, jumping, a treasure hunt and a pinata.


One of the clues in the treasure hunt

Carson and Carl

Benjamin, Carter and Dane

Benjamin, Ty, Carter, Luke, Kylie, above- Carson, Dane and Jackson

Aaron rocking it up front