Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas was a very laid back affair this year. We stayed home with our three little ones and took it easy. 

Christmas Eve consisted of pizza at Round Table, delivering cookies to friends and the animated story of Christ's birth (or a "boring Heavenly Father movie" as Carson called it. After he said never-mind and that he liked it.) Luke had a slight fever, but seemed to be happier and more energetic later on during the day. The kids got matching jammies and slippers and Carson got a robe, very sophisticated I know. We left cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots and water for his reindeer and the boys were fast asleep by 7:20. Oh, I almost forgot to mention it was Luke's birthday! We wished Luke a happy birthday that morning and Luke and Carson both said that is was already Luke's birthday when we had the party. So we just left it at that and saved his birthday presents for the next day. =)
Watching "The King is Born" on Mom and Dad's bed.

Christmas morning began at 5:15, but we put our foot down and wouldn't let them out of their room until 5:27... Carson took his job of sorting the presents very seriously. They both seemed pleased with their loot. To keep things simple (sensing a theme for this year) Steve and I didn't do much for each other and Kendall had the gift of warm milk.

Carson was most excited about his little science kits, alien gummy maker, leapster games, and his baking soda/vinegar rocket. Luke favorites are his Mickey puzzle, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books, Lego Crocs, and the mustaches Carson gave him (see picture.) Carson's school had a little holiday gift shop where the kids could bring money and buy gifts for their family members. Such a cute idea. He bought Steve and plush football and a 49ers pencil. He got me a pink diamond necklace and a paperclip holder that says "#1 Mom". Luke got the mustaches and a squishy ball. Carson was SO EXCITED to give us our presents.

Kendall had a THRILLING first Christmas, as you can tell. She was entertained by watching her brothers open and play with all of their presents and is currently snoozing in her swing... We spent the rest of the morning playing with toys and doing crafts. We're planning on seeing a movie later this afternoon and barbequing tri-tip for dinner.  Merry Christmas!!

Candy Cane Lane With the Garcias

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Martinez Snow Day

Shell sponsors a snow day in Martinez in December. This year Carson got to bring a friend and the three boys had a blast. Kendall and I just worked on keeping each other warm. The freezing weather was great for keeping the snow from melting too quickly, but not so much for newborns.


ICE SKATING (it was synthetic ice which was softer and not cold. So cool!)

SNOWBALLS (fun for a minute until hands got too cold and snow went down shirts...)



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Luke's McDonalds Birthday Party

Luke has the curse of a Christmas Eve birthday. At almost 3 he is starting to understand the fun of birthday parties, i.e blowing out candles and presents. I decided rather last minute to throw a little birthday party at McDonalds on Monday. We had a few families meet up for happy meals and cake. Luke had a blast and felt very special. The party was perfect and SO EASY! I highly recommend a McDonalds party which includes a 24 hour in advance mass text and a Costco sheet cake. =)

Ready for Christmas

Kendall in her Christmas Sunday best.

Thanksgiving 2013

We spent Thanksgiving at my parent's house this year. 4 out of the 7 kids were there, so we had a pretty good crowd. Steve had to go to Texas the Monday-Thursday after Thanksgiving so the kids and I stuck around for a few more days.

The feast!

Beach Bondfire at Aliso Creek in Laguna with other family in town. My Aunt Kathi and Debbie, Grandpa Kelley, my cousin Kelli with her family and the Zabawa cousins.

Golf cart ride with Grandpa to see the Gingerbread display at the Ritz and the sunset. 

Babies, babies and more babies!

Luke shaved off part of his eye brow in the shower.

Lunch with my cousin Andrea and darling little Mara.