Thursday, September 3, 2015

May- Dana Point/Lego Land with Browers

Annie and her family were heading to my parents in May because Gage had finally saved enough to go to Lego Land. Annie wanted us to join and how could we refuse. We spent some time at my parents first.

Grandma practicing the fine art of face painting on the boys. Later that day Asher's face was red as a tomato. Apparently he is allergic to the paint.

 Mom's awesome Madsen bike

Classic dinner at Ruby's with the gang.

 After Ruby's fun at Aliso Creek

The Lego Land Hotel looked pretty cool so Steve and I decided to stay for a night. Gage and Asher stayed with us, then Annie, Cody, my Dad and the two babies joined us in the morning. The boys had fun in their little room.

Breakfast at the hotel:

Early admittance to the park because we stayed in the hotel, yippy!

Such a fun trip!

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