Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer Swim Team

Richland, Washington, June-July Family Reunion

This year for the Bonner Reunion we decided to keep it simple and did it at Grandma and Grandpa's in Richland. It was a fun week full of activities and chaos with cousins!

The flight. SO LUCKY not to drive!

 Luke and Josh

Got Luke to wear a short sleeve shirt for a few hours. He only needed one more sticker on his potty chart for his reward and he couldn't refuse. He wasn't happy about it though, and it didn't last long. We thought the 114 degree weather would finally break him, but he held strong with his long sleeves and pants.

 We rented a giant water slide for an afternoon. It was awesome!

Splash pad to keep cool

 Playing at the river

We flew home the afternoon of July 4th. That morning we bought some fireworks and lit them off. Not too exciting at 9am, but it doesn't get dark until 10pm, so desperate times.

Flight home:


Carson and Mrs. Baker, last day of school

Boating with Jennie Lovell and Haven and their Dutch foreign exchange student

The garden is coming along.

Our library does great kid shows all summer. Here is the bubble lady. Carson was asked to be the volunteer and it was hilarious. I wish I had better pictures!

Summer $1 movies are the best! Kendall wants her own seat and own container of popcorn. If you weren't aware, she is a big kid...

Luke is really into forts right now

Wishful thinking...

Beach trip to Pacifica

Saved their Chuck E Cheese tickets for months to win this cool toy!

Boating, boating and more boating!

All ready for church and this is where I found her.

Mall playground

 Grandma Coats' clip-on earrings. So fancy!

11 years, celebrating at Ruth's Chris

Field Day, last week of school

Summer preschool. Love this picture

 Swimming at the Gorings with friends